Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Power Up Your Life & Make Stress Work 4 You: excerpt # 6

... There are two types of negative ions in the atmosphere: small ions and big ions.  The small are fast and vitalizing, while the big ones are slow and capture the the small ions as they pass, hence  devitalizing the air.

Atmospheric pollution in cities favours the multiplication of these big slow ions.  The clean country air can contain from one to three small negative ions for one large  ion, while in cities, the proportion climbs to two hundred and seventy large ones to possibly six hundred in more polluted areas.  No surprise that a mega city's atmosphere can be so debilitating.

Any large evaporation or moving body of water produces an enormous quantity of invigorating prana, or, negative ions.  I  fact, by combining the strong pranic action of the sea with the powerful ionization effects of the sunrays, we obtain an incomparable maximum vitalization.

Nevertheless, these sensations are being felt in different degrees depending on where we are.  There are three main climate zones:  Large, mid and small.  The large climate zones are found on seasides, high altitude plateaus and mountains and wide horizon plains.  The mid climate zones are the valleys near wooded areas, forests and rock formations.  As for the small climates, they can be found in deep valleys, dense undergrowth and grassy riverbanks.  It is understandable now why most health centres and spas are commonly situated in one of these areas...

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