Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Power Up Your Life & Make Stress Work 4 You: excerpt # 4

First line of defence against stress
The Rhythmic Breath
- Without crossing your legs, sit down comfortably on a chair, hold your back straight and let your     hands rest on your thighs.
- Close your eyes and direct your thoughts on the air that is coming out of your lungs.  Direct the  inhaled breath into the olfactory zone, which is found between the eyebrows.
- Inhale slowly to the count of three. Then, hold the air in your lungs while you count another time up to three.
- Exhale slowly, counting up to three again, then force out the air left in your lungs.  To accomplish this, contract your stomach muscles to crush the diaphragm.  Repeat the process again counting up to three, holding for three, and exhaling for another three.
- At first, begin with 3 to 5 minute sessions and increase the length gradually to reach 15 to 20 minutes sessions.
To come: first self-relaxation exercise and an explanation of the concept of vital energy.

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