Friday, October 14, 2016

Power Up Your Life & Make Stress Work 4 You: excerpt # 5

Vital energy, a source of well-being.
Introduction to 'Prana' of 'Chi' energies

We are now in the second phase of our program.  In this chapter, we will talk about prana or vital energy which is the main principle in all of our recommended breathing exercises.  We will also describe a first self-relaxation technique as a second line of defence against stress.

The concept of the influence of atmospheric electricity on human beings is a very complex subject and I will limit my explanations strictly to what is pertinent to our stress management program.

To start, let's just say that prana, as the yogis call it, is comparable to electricity.  I imagine for an instant how hard it would be to try to explain our modern world to citizens of antiquity.  How could we describe to them the way computers, televisions, radios, etc. operate without explaining the concept of electricity?  They could not comprehend the essence of it without knowing the importance of electrical energy in the functioning of these apparatuses.  It is also as impossible to ignore the existence of prana and its action on our bodies.

Yogis tell us that it is universal and that we bathe in an ocean of prana which is part of our physical make up.  They say that what characterises life, is the ability to attract this prana in us, to accumulate and transform it in order for it to react in our bodies as it does in the world.  The fact that prana can be accumulated in the solar plexus constitutes the very basic essence of yoga and it is that same principle that we use in our program.

The science of mastering prana is called 'Pranayama'.  prana meaning 'energy' and ayama 'to master'.  Yoga exercises aim to achieve this objective.  It is by controlling prana that yogis can overcome pain and regutale the rhythm of their hearts...

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