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Power Up Your Life & Make Stress Work 4 You: excerpt # 10

Chapter 4
Identify the negative signs of stress

General signs
Frequent and unexplained benign diseases
Stubborn flu
Chronic fatigue
Anxiety, excessive hostility, manias
Nervous ball in the throat
Inability to focus
Diminished vision
Migraine headaches
More frequent asthma attacks
Cardiac palpitations
Rapid changes of appetite
Increased use of drugs and alcohol
Ulcers and heartburns
Indigestion and vomiting
Frequent need to urinate
Prostatitis, chronic cystitis
Impotence and decrease libido

* Understand here that these signs are considered as resulting from stress only if they do not have diagnosed physical causes.

Other more subtle signs indications weakened defences
You are less and less attentive than normal to your family
Your usual interest in hobbies decreases
You are more worried than normal
Your athletic performances constantly decreases
You are increasingly impatient and intolerant with others
You lose documents and objects more often and you forget your appointments

Sources of stress, i.e., in the work place
Too much work without rewards or sense of accomplishment
Poor management on the part of a manager
Particular pressures with co-workers in the workplace
Sexual harassment
The 'inability' to let go of your work outside the workplace
The constant need to perform to keep your job

We now can at this stage recognize and identify relatively well the main negative signs that stress can have on us.  We've also looked at some sources of stress such as in the workplace.  Now let's see  in excerpt # 11 how to develop additional effective methods and ways to take control of that stress.

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