Monday, August 31, 2020

Cannabis 101: CBD vs THC

Cannabis 101: CBD vs THC

Hi everyone and welcome to a new  series of articles on Cannabis. 

Sometimes referred to as Mr. CBD by fellow citizens and neighbor that know me professionally, I am a huge fan of everything called cannabis (marijuana) and CBD from hemp ‘the wonder plant’.  I think that these magnificently odd-looking wonders of nature are the most proficient, resilient, productive, efficient, sometimes life-saving and surely joy-giving on the Planet.

It can be used medicinally as much as recreationally and for those who decides to get involved in any aspect of the cannabis industry, from marketing to selling or growing and counselling, will soon discover that it is a golden opportunity.

In effect, according to Statistic Canada, monthly sales of cannabis just recently surpassed 100 M$ in sales.  I have no stats for total yearly sales or sales projections yet for Canada, but in the USA, sales are expected to grow from half a billion$ in 2018 to 1.8 billion$ USD in 2022.  So, figure it out.  No wonder there is a such a huge rush to get into the field while the wave is still cresting.

Did you know that before 1937, the year of the Marijuana Prohibition, American medical doctors had already handed out more than 3 million prescriptions for medical cannabis?

Did you know also that marijuana was smuggled into the US in massive amounts by people fleeing the 1931 Mexican Revolution thus flooding the American market?  The drug was then so abundantly available and overused in certain ‘milieu’ that it quickly built up a bad reputation and soon became associated with the bad elements of society and, believe it or not, ‘Jazz’.  This could explain the resistance back then from the public to that ‘genre’ of music.

There is so much to be said about cannabis and hemp that it would take months to even come close to cover what needs to be said about those wonderful plants.  I will of course take care of that in subsequent articles in Nation Valley News. 

In the columns to come, I will cover how I came across cannabis and relay my own positive experience with CBD and how it literally changed my life for the better.   I will of course also cover extensively and in layman terms what is cannabis and what is hemp, where they come from and their medical applications.  Thanks to the magic of digital publishing, I will also be able to add visual aids to my presentations, making them more exciting and efficient in helping you increase your knowledge of the subject.

For those of you who already had a brush with cannabis know that it can be extremely confusing to try to make heads and tail and differentiate CBD from THC, cannabis from hemp, cannabis from marijuana, what can make you ‘high’ from what can heal you.  CBD for instance will never make you ‘high’, but THC will.
This field is growing at such an alarming speed that people like me who read just about everything that is published on the subject can hardly maintain the beat.  So, I will do my best to keep you up to date with current information and the latest developments.

I encourage you to email me any questions you might have on cannabis, request more explanations or share a success story with other readers at:

I’m very excited to pass along my knowledge to you and answer your questions.  It will be a fun ride for me and I hope it will be one for you too.

Talk to you soon.

Dr. Pierre Milot. Ph.D., Ph.D. (tc)
Life Transition / Grief Recovery Counselor
Certified Medical Cannabis Counseling / Sales
Chair for Eastern Ontario Chapter of Dying with Dignity
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