Friday, March 13, 2020

CBD & The Immune System & COVID - 19

Every minute of every day we are exposed to an endless stream of diseases, infections, viruses and anti-bodies.  The ECS (endocannabinoids system) helps establish and maintain homeostasis, or balance various systems in the body
This means CBD can be especially useful for people who have autoimmune diseases or other existing illnesses that compromise the immune system, who are more at risk.  CBD can be an excellent choice of therapy or treatment to keep your immune system strong.  CBD has also been proven to ease oxidative stress, which can reduce damage from autoimmune attacks.

If you have a regularly strong system, CBD is still a great additive in making sure you are in overall good health and can definitely keep you calm, in anxiety inducing moments like the COVID-19 crisis, when it is best not to panic.  Other than that, the best protection is, of course, washing your hands, using alcohol-based sanitized, being hygienic and staying hydrated.
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