Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Rising From The Ashes of Loss, My Voyage Through Grief: excerpt # 32

Mental note
Thinking back at times when I feel down, I wonder what motivated us to go ahead with either treatment, natural or chemical.  Rationality is not always at the rendezvous when lives are threatened.  Our survival instinct took over in these confusing times and we somehow always seemed to find the need to overcome the odds.  What would an animal do when suffering from a deadly wound?  Survive at all cost or lie down and die, realizing instinctively that its time has come?  Maybe we should be more like them when we sense that our time may have come, not give in to religious, family or social pressures but let go and face the end of our lives as it comes.  In Louise’s case, she surprisingly admitted towards the end of her ordeal that she was doing all this partly for me.  That she wanted to wipe out the worried look of pain that constantly haunted my eyes every time I looked at her.  That she wanted to stick around a little longer to look after me.  If only I would have known, I could have told her sooner that it was OK to go; "I’ll make it on my own, honey, even though I’ll limp for a while, I’ll somehow manage to survive.” “Go towards the light, do your thing and stop worrying about me,” I would have said, but these words had yet to be offered.


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