Monday, February 13, 2017

Rising From The Ashes of Loss, My Voyage Through Grief: excerpt # 22

First chemotherapy, end...
... Back at the hospital, I was taken out of my reverie by the oncology nurse coming into the room to finalize the procedure: "Congratulation Mrs. Milot, you just completed your first treatment and it went very well," she said.   I would agree with that comment if it weren’t for the fact that the medical team had to interrupt the session in order to administer Louise a sedative in an effort to stop the scary heart palpitations she was having.  Panic attack, they said, and it is common in new chemotherapy patients apparently.  But as I would learn later, chemotherapy could also occasionally cause a nasty heart attack, an important little fact that was hidden from us.  Would we have wanted to know though?  Maybe not, maybe it was best this way and it would probably have added to Louise’s already high stress level, who knows.  But it makes me feel good to bitch a little, it’s liberating.  
Finally, five hours later, the ordeal is over and I can take Louise back home, but not before she swallows a little yellow pill.  A second one is also given to her and she must make sure to take it the next day, otherwise she could be violently sick with nausea.  “No problem,” I said with determination, “I'll make sure she takes it.”   The mere thought of vomiting sends me into a frenzied panic and I was surely not going to let Louise suffer more and spill her guts out in front of me again, not if I could help it.   It was now time to start implementing our back-up plan: an alternative natural treatment meant to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy while increasing its efficiency.  Will it work?  Only time will tell...
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