Friday, November 11, 2016

Power Up Your Life & Make Stress Work 4 You: excerpt # 8

Chapter 3
Recognizing the negative effects of stress.

It is now time to increase your knowledge of the negative effects of stress.  As any good military strategist would say, "to win the war, we must know our enemy".

According to Hans Selye, the dean of stress, the complete absence of stress is death.  We need to find a healthy balance between acceptance and control of this stress.

In the early 1960's, researchers asked serious questions regarding stress and came to very interesting conclusions.

For exemple, they established that a person experiencing an intense life stress must go through six stages before disease appears.  Firstly, the individual tries to identify the state of his stress by associating it with passed experiences, which can ease or increase the effects of stress.  For example, the fact that a person has been fired from a job once can facilitate or make more difficult the acceptance of being fired one more time.

Secondly, it is the psychological defence mechanism such as projection (I showed the supervisor how incompetent he is and as a consequence, he fired me) or the refusal (I was not fired, I quit) that act as filters (filters are actions or behaviours that people adopt to protect themselves).

The third stage occurs when stress increases to penetrate the physiological defences of a person.  It is then that reactions such as accelerated breathing and heart rate occurs.

Following this comes the fourth stage, learning to control stress by implementing methods such as relaxation, dynamic breathings, etc., to keep the metabolism from over-reacting.

Fifthly, after many unsuccessful attempts to manage stress, a person can decide to talk to a doctor about his symptoms, and in a sixth stage, the doctor finally diagnoses the person's symptoms as a sign of physical diseases...


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