Saturday, September 17, 2016

Power up your life & make stress work 4 you: excerpt # 1

Hello everyone.
Starting today, I will be posting excerpts from my book on stress management: 'Power up your life & make stress work 4 you'.  Here's the first one.
I wrote this manual on stress management in the hopes that it would become your bedside reading handbook and travel companion.  It is meant to increase your comprehension of how the body reacts in certain stress situation and help you to become acquainted with the workings of the numerous coping mechanism I recommend.
The techniques and exercises described in this work are the results of 25 years of research and experimentation and they have over time served me well, both in my private and professional life as a therapist.
I especially developed this program to be simple, short and result oriented.  You can follow the whole program, at a comfortable pace of one chapter per week or per month if you wish, or complete the whole thing in one week if you are an eager-beaver and rushed to get results.  You can also jump the content of each chapter and go directly to the exercises.
The basic components of the program are natural and holistic in nature and comprise various approaches as: self-relaxation, nutrition, breathing exercises, auto-suggestion, meditation, and mind reprogramming techniques.
I trust that this handbook will benefit you and help make your life a little better.
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Next excerpt: Defining stress and its dangers.

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